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Technical Expertise

Green Buildings

We Pravarthi, as a leading construction company in UAE, are proud to offer affordable green building options to our valued customers. Our green building options are completely customizable to suit your project needs. We will offer several Energy Star® certified products, and help you obtain sustainable design and LEED certification.

Benefits of embracing green building principles:

Here is a glimpse of our advice which we can offer for your Green Building:

Solutions for Everyone

Pravarthi’s Design & Build option offers a one stop solution for those clients who do not wish to engage an external designer. Pravarthi Construction project team undertakes all the tasks normally done by an architect and structural engineer to efficiently construct your building, combining excellent project management with value for money.

We also work very successfully with architect and engineers, bringing our expertise of building systems to help provide cost effective options of construction from our building systems experience. We understand that need to extend existing industrial premises or build a bespoke facility is the result of running a successful business. For the ease of construction process, we put in place all management system needed to keep you fully involved yet free to effectively manage the other arenas of business.

Environment, Health & Safety

We accomplish our works in the best possible way without any compromise on the safety of the people and better upkeep of the environment. Therefore, we firmly believe that to achieve our goal and supplement organizational growth guidelines governing and Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Regulations- Guidelines & DM Standards should be followed strictly.

We have incorporated the best of industry standards and comply with all the legal requirements in building a healthy EHS Management System. We are committed to achieve and maintain the highest standards in our construction operations integrating the codes of standards, maintaining an up-to-date EHS Regulations- Guidelines & DM Standards.

Our construction activities operations take us to a variety of locations in and around UAE. At Pravarthi, we believe it is our responsibility to ensure that they stay uncorrupted and that our presence does not disrupt the delicate balances of ecosystem & the micro and macro environment.

We believe that potential hazards and undesirable events can be identified and accidental loss (personal injury, property damage, environmental impacts or operational interruptions) can be prevented. Therefore, priority is given for development of a culture that promotes proactive interactions.

We recognize the fact that our operations have the potential of affecting the health and safety of our employees and other third party personnel associated with the day-to-day activities. We aim to minimize this impact on personnel and also reduce the adverse effect on the environment due to our contracting activities.